made in abyss – 11-12 (END)

another sense of frustration at the end of show that i want more of.

and the last manga volume came out in july – it’s probably caught up to the original source.

the studio, kinema citrus, did such an amazing job.

made in abyss 12amade in abyss 13bmade in abyss 13c


made in abyss 10-11

oh, now it’s getting more interesting.

nanachi = favorite

and the end. it is strongly implying what we think it is? or is it just leading us.

the subtle foreshadowing and teasing.

made in abyss 10bmade in abyss 11amade in abyss 11bmade in abyss 11c

made in abyss – catch up to 9

a bit slow paced.

the adventure spirit keeps driving the show though.

glad i caught up. i’ll try to watch it weekly.

made in abyss 05amade in abyss 08a


made in abyss – 02

yes to this show.

made in abyss 02a


made in abyss – 01

what an amazing intro scene

what an amazing first episode.

why are there so many good shows.

why is the animation so disgustingly beautiful.

the last shows i took so many scenery screenshots were sangatsu no lion and hai to gensou no grimgar.

another To watch… (for now)

made in abyss 01amade in abyss 01bmade in abyss 01cmade in abyss 01dmade in abyss 01emade in abyss 01fmade in abyss 01hmade in abyss 01i