new game!! (season 2) 01

yay season 2.

quaint slice of life with some moe.

the increase number of male gaze seemed odd though. i hope there’s not an increase of them in general.

new game s2 01cnew game s2 01c2

mmm and i almost got sushi for dinner too… (and i like wasabi on my sushi)

too bad the fish quality hasn’t been that great lately.

new game s2 01a

new game! – catch up to 08

so perhaps we can consider it a genre or subgenre: in which all (or at least all main) characters are (moe) female even when you would expect more guys to be present…

it feels extra summery this season because a bunch of these shows are taking place during the summertime.

new game! 04asound financial advice.

new game! 06agenius idea

new game! 06bah so shingeki no kyojin is now a stable to know and reference.

new game! 06cfeed me; droolll

new game! 06dnew game! 06e

mmmm i like this look better

new game! 06f2new game! 06f

i want one. now.