new game!! (S2) – 12 (END)

usually slice of life shows’ ending are more unsettling – but this felt like an actual ending so it was not as bad. apparently the anime caught up to the manga too.

there are rumblings of a season 3… but i don’t feel like looking for the official news.

got to catch up with made in abyss (episodes 12 and 13), isekai shokudo (11-13), katsugeki touekn ranbu (on episode 2 oops) and fate/aprocypha (on episode 2 oops oops), jigoku shoujo S4 (recap episodes). and finish off welcome to the ballroom… but i gotta hit up the PS4 now

new game s2 12a

all these shows about creating makes me want to create something. probably a story and/or music.

goal: write the concept / story for a RPG with heavy focus on existentliaism, MBTI, enneagram.



new game!! (season 2) 01

yay season 2.

quaint slice of life with someĀ moe.

the increase number of male gaze seemed odd though. i hope there’s not an increase of them in general.

new game s2 01cnew game s2 01c2

mmm and i almost got sushi for dinner too… (and i like wasabi on my sushi)

too bad the fish quality hasn’t been that great lately.

new game s2 01a