princess principal – 11 – 12 (END)


i REALLY hope this means there will be another season. there is WAY too much potential to let this end here. yes there’s a game… but it will be in japanese. oh ok well fine. i must learn to read japanese.

did mention how much i love chise.

princess principal 12cprincess principal 12c2princess principal 12c3princess principal 12c4princess principal 12c5princess principal 12dprincess principal 12d2princess principal 12d3princess principal 12d4


princess principal – 10

this show is so well done.

i always appreciate shows that do not explain everything with words. those single frames, stills, silences are used so effectively.

princess principal 10a

i never knew what this was for… but since princess asked, i had to look it up

princess principal 10bprincess principal 10cprincess principal 10d

princess principal 05

this show makes me glad that I am alive to watch it.

it’s amazing how they pack so much into each episode… but it doesn’t really feel rushed. i realize later that a lot happened

princess principal 05a

i’m sure many watching this have had this thought, but i must put it here… “but this is an animated japanese show…”

princess principal 05bprincess principal 05cprincess principal 05c2princess principal 05c3princess principal 05c4

chise = awesomeness

oof with that anime intuition. i knew what was coming based on this shot.

princess principal 05dprincess principal 05eprincess principal 05e2