mitsuboshi colors – 04

if/when i have children, i would want to live in such a peaceful town… and have summer vacation.

i havn’t laughed out loud this much in a really long time.

Mitsuboshi Colors - 04aMitsuboshi Colors - 04a2


Mitsuboshi Colors - 04bMitsuboshi Colors - 04b2Mitsuboshi Colors - 04b3Mitsuboshi Colors - 04b4Mitsuboshi Colors - 04b5Mitsuboshi Colors - 04b6Mitsuboshi Colors - 04b7


Mitsuboshi Colors - 04c


netojuu no susume

(the english translation/title is terrible)

i always enjoy a show with main characters older than high school age.

this was quite a quaint slice of life romance that deals with real issues (NEET, social anxiety, isolation, etc). it does have a happy ending that makes you smile, but the nervousness is a bit too agreeable.

recommended for anyone looking for anyone looking for what i just described. ha

Net-juu no Susume 01aNet-juu no Susume 01a2

= life goals

Net-juu no Susume 08aNet-juu no Susume 08a2


Net-juu no Susume 09aNet-juu no Susume 09bNet-juu no Susume 11aNet-juu no Susume 11b

sakura quest – 17-18

sakura quest 17a

she grew on me a lot

sakura quest 17b

kuu-dere…. actually justĀ kuu

sakura quest 17c

absolutely atrocious, heinous translation.

how does tanuki (japanese raccoon dog) translate to monkey???sakura quest 17d

ah the – name things – & the – abbreviate things whether they are not that long, long, or very long – characteristics of japanese (sub)culture – 2 in 1!

sakura quest 17e

ugh i want to learn to play. maybe over vacation? ha

sakura quest – catch up to 09

mmmah lovely quaint show of the season.

it’s interesting how the animation quality of certain things are much better than others… but i guess only those that watch a lot of anime would notice.

(apparently this show is 25 episodes! YES)

sakura quest 06a

ultra super well drawn-animated

sakura quest 06bsakura quest 07asakura quest 08asakura quest 08b

ririko = favorite of this show