sakura quest – catch up to 09

mmmah lovely quaint show of the season.

it’s interesting how the animation quality of certain things are much better than others… but i guess only those that watch a lot of anime would notice.

(apparently this show is 25 episodes! YES)

sakura quest 06a

ultra super well drawn-animated

sakura quest 06bsakura quest 07asakura quest 08asakura quest 08b

ririko = favorite of this show


stella no mahou – 12 (END)

this show joins the rank of female cast – slice of life shows that are quite well done and i like.

along with lucky star, k-on!, non non biyori.

i am always sad when shows like these end. i doubt they would make a second second. maybe i shall read the manga.

… this means the fall season is ending. i have several shows i need to catch up on…

well i was playing steins;gate 0 this week, which was awesome by the way.


i want to go one day.


i think she’s actually my favorite in this show.

stella no mahou – 08-09

with baka updates gone, i mostly find my subbed anime here now… besides the lessening number of fansubbing groups with websites..

anyway, watching this show makes me happy. it’s the combination of the vibrant colors, the vivifying drawing, great voice acting, earnest characters, the quaint slice of life storyline.

i smile a lot watching this show.


i love focus lines. such a staple.


i reflect on the the moments that give me this sentiment.