sagrada reset – 23-34 (END)

this is such a fascinating show. yes the characters, the setting, the story is all to my liking.

but what really makes this show is the rawness.

the emotions are not exuberant or gaudy, but they are raw and uncomfortable and real.

sagrada reset 23a

i do now.

sagrada reset 23b

this man is genius.

sagrada reset 23d

it’s fantastic how this show reveals tremendous things so subtly.

sagrada reset 24asagrada reset 24d

why is she my favorite?… i’m sure part of it has to do with the tragic nature of her character and the essential self-conflict of her immaturity and maturity.


sagrada reset – catch up to 22

this show is such a trip.

I ordered the BDs on cd japan.

I have to rewatch this show.

… souma sumire = fav

of course, voiced by one of my favorites 悠木 碧 Yūki Aoi

sagrada reset 16asagrada reset 17a

ah, so that’s it.

sagrada reset 19asagrada reset 20bsagrada reset 21b

sagrada reset – catch up to 10

i thought i could wait to catch up before posting.

but i couldn’t.

this show.

such a tease.

and i love it.

i had to laugh out loud during those moments in which everything came together.

sagrada reset 07bsagrada reset 08bsagrada reset 09asagrada reset 09bsagrada reset 10a

it’s fascinating, how for a show with so much sadness… it is not very sad. and as the watcher, you feel like you become the vehicle for that sadness.

sagrada reset 07asagrada reset 10bsagrada reset 10c

and i knew she was my favorite person of this show… but wow, she IS my favorite my favorite person of this show.

sagrada reset 04

it’s been a while since I had to rewatch a previous episode to understand what was going on.

it’s been a while since I had to rewatch part of the episode to understand what was going on.

it may be the first time I had to do both.

i might have to rewatch this show to really understand.

tip for watching this show: watch it in arcs.

sagrada reset 04a

*falls for girl*

sagrada reset 04b

*got some yandere vibes there for a short second.

sagrada reset 2

that last scene. i laughed out loud.

not because it was funny, but because i realized this show – this show was made to utterly mess with your thoughts and flow of consciousness. absolutely twisted. i have a loose grasp of some things here,

first some facts:

1) episodes 1 and 2 are called Memory in Children 1/3 and 2/3. The title of the 3rd light novel of which this show is based on is the third novel.

it ends on a rather… interesting note as it does feel as if this arc has concluded, but with a lasting bitter, metallic taste in your mouth. the two scenes before the 2 year time skip leaves 2 major plot-lines unresolved.

2) episode 3 is called Cat, Ghost, and Revolution Sunday 1/2 – the name of the first novel – and this takes place 2 years after episodes 1 and 2. in other words, this story first starts 2 years after these 2 episodes.

speculation: Memory in Children 3/3 will air later. i am guessing it will be the last episode (with no grounds). it will approach and possibly resolve 1 of the 2 aforementioned plot-lines.

MM for a show to make me excited enough to actually write out my thoughts – Kudos.

i want to watch the live action films.

This is one of my must watch shows of this season. Not for the anime-naive or ones looking for something lighthearted. The atmosphere and OST of this show really do it justice. i am REALLY excited about this show.

You may even have to rewatch parts of episodes or entire episodes to really get it.

sagrada reset 02c

Aoi Yūki‘s voice acting is so delicious. she is one my favorites. and this character 相麻 菫 Sōma SumireOOOFF.

sagrada reset 02d

the comedy, tragedy, trauma, and evolution of the protagonists is entrenching upon my being.



Sagrada Reset 01

this show will be a goldmind for Jungian / MBTI typology.

i like the mystery-ness… though i guess high school students are the ones with the most time to do things that happen in anime.

sagrada reset 01b

Classic example of Introverted Sensing.

sagrada reset 01d

and with that ISxJ makes sense.

primary function = introverted sensing (perceiving with matching with memories)

secondary function = extraverted feeling or thinking… i’m going with T for now and let’s see how this goes.

sagrada reset 01esagrada reset 01fshe’s much harder.

xxFJ – the absorbing feelings is very Extraverted Feeling, and living by created rules is more J ish… but we’ll see.

the ending was very curious though.

I like this show so far.