sakura quest – catch up to 09

mmmah lovely quaint show of the season.

it’s interesting how the animation quality of certain things are much better than others… but i guess only those that watch a lot of anime would notice.

(apparently this show is 25 episodes! YES)

sakura quest 06a

ultra super well drawn-animated

sakura quest 06bsakura quest 07asakura quest 08asakura quest 08b

ririko = favorite of this show


sakura quest 01

P.A. works have hit their groove. I became a bigger fan after I met some of the big-ups from there at Otakon last year. They wanted feedback about their shows – I told them basically that if they don’t make the shows they make, no one will (apparently they were told they should look into doing superhero / save the world stuff to sell better).

Now, I don’t think my statement last year affected if this show were to be made, but maybe I put some hope into their staff.

Anyway, the people at P.A. works have this interesting power. Everything from the story to the animation all produce a slice of life, but greater than life / greater than life, but this is life sort of an atmosphere.

OP and ED song are by (k)now name, who were largely absent since their songs for Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (S rank show by the way).

the title… definitely brings to mind Dragon Quest, and something about the font the title is in also reminds me of it. Maybe it’s an indirect homage of sorts. Then again, everything in anime is 3 degrees of separation of an homage to Dragon Quest (my random deliberation).

sakura quest 01a

Anyone who saw P.A. works’ Shirobako should have instantly thought – wow she looks, acts, dresses like 宮森 あおい Miyamori Aoi the protagonist from Shirobako. I would be shocked if the character designer were a different person. I was surprised when the seiyuu was not the same person. Ha.

sakura quest 01csakura quest 01d

I’m sure this show will be riveting in a warm and fuzzy way. And it’s always nice to have main characters / cast that are not in high school.

… I’ll be honest though, this so far makes me want to re-watch Shirobako.