3-gatsu no lion – 31-33


3gatsu no lion 31a

3gatsu no lion 31b3gatsu no lion 31c3gatsu no lion 31d3gatsu no lion 32a3gatsu no lion 32b3gatsu no lion 32c3gatsu no lion 33a3gatsu no lion 33b


sakura quest – 17-18


sakura quest 17a

she grew on me a lot

sakura quest 17b

kuu-dere…. actually justĀ kuu

sakura quest 17c

absolutely atrocious, heinous translation.

how does tanuki (japanese raccoon dog) translate to monkey???sakura quest 17d

ah the – name things – & the – abbreviate things whether they are not that long, long, or very long – characteristics of japanese (sub)culture – 2 in 1!

sakura quest 17e

ugh i want to learn to play. maybe over vacation? ha