mitsuboshi colors – 04

if/when i have children, i would want to live in such a peaceful town… and have summer vacation.

i havn’t laughed out loud this much in a really long time.

Mitsuboshi Colors - 04aMitsuboshi Colors - 04a2


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Mitsuboshi Colors - 04c


3-gatsu no lion – 34-36

still my most favorite show of 2017-2018.

sad that YUKI didn’t do the OP2 for season 2.

this show is so exhilarating – because it shows life as life – the uncertainty, the sorrow, the pains of moving forward, the love in the smallest things, the inner world and the outer world.

3 gatsu no lion 34a3 gatsu no lion 34b3 gatsu no lion 34c3 gatsu no lion 34d3 gatsu no lion 35a3 gatsu no lion 35a23 gatsu no lion 35a33 gatsu no lion 35b3 gatsu no lion 35c3 gatsu no lion 35d

i applauded for this teacher


3 gatsu no lion 35e3 gatsu no lion 35f3 gatsu no lion 36a3 gatsu no lion 36b3 gatsu no lion 36c

netojuu no susume

(the english translation/title is terrible)

i always enjoy a show with main characters older than high school age.

this was quite a quaint slice of life romance that deals with real issues (NEET, social anxiety, isolation, etc). it does have a happy ending that makes you smile, but the nervousness is a bit too agreeable.

recommended for anyone looking for anyone looking for what i just described. ha

Net-juu no Susume 01aNet-juu no Susume 01a2

= life goals

Net-juu no Susume 08aNet-juu no Susume 08a2


Net-juu no Susume 09aNet-juu no Susume 09bNet-juu no Susume 11aNet-juu no Susume 11b

just because! – 01-07

first minute of this show and i knew it would be an awesome show.

the grit, the … moyamoya, the mkdsflffdsjf

the art, acting, OST all amazing.

this love pentagon business

this is slice of life done right. the body language and messages between the lines and the atmosphere – absolute perfection.

i originally did not want to continue it because it seemed like another school / romance show. well it is. but it isn’t.

yes it takes place in this specific cultural-age context, but there is a universality that it does well.

but the important question –  natsume or komiya.

just because! 01bjust because 07bjust because 07djust because 07ejust because 07f