new game!! (season 2) 01

yay season 2.

quaint slice of life with someĀ moe.

the increase number of male gaze seemed odd though. i hope there’s not an increase of them in general.

new game s2 01cnew game s2 01c2

mmm and i almost got sushi for dinner too… (and i like wasabi on my sushi)

too bad the fish quality hasn’t been that great lately.

new game s2 01a

sakura quest – catch up to 13

catching up on anime is hard work. it may even be harder than catching up on sleep.

need to watch: sekaisuru kado, sagrada reset, alice to zouroku, yowapeda… boruto and hero academia at some point.

and i was just recommended to watch tsuki ga kirei.

sakura quest 10a

sakura quest 12a

sakura quest – catch up to 09

mmmah lovely quaint show of the season.

it’s interesting how the animation quality of certain things are much better than others… but i guess only those that watch a lot of anime would notice.

(apparently this show is 25 episodes! YES)

sakura quest 06a

ultra super well drawn-animated

sakura quest 06bsakura quest 07asakura quest 08asakura quest 08b

ririko = favorite of this show


Sagrada Reset 01

this show will be a goldmind for Jungian / MBTI typology.

i like the mystery-ness… though i guess high school students are the ones with the most time to do things that happen in anime.

sagrada reset 01b

Classic example of Introverted Sensing.

sagrada reset 01d

and with that ISxJ makes sense.

primary function = introverted sensing (perceiving with matching with memories)

secondary function = extraverted feeling or thinking… i’m going with T for now and let’s see how this goes.

sagrada reset 01esagrada reset 01fshe’s much harder.

xxFJ – the absorbing feelings is very Extraverted Feeling, and living by created rules is more J ish… but we’ll see.

the ending was very curious though.

I like this show so far.

kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon – 13 (END)

well that was an anticlimactic end. I wanted all the dragons to get into dragon form and fight.. climactically.

i liked this show; probably B or C rank. not the best, but memorable nonetheless.

maid dragon 13a

I AM THE SHADOW – I AM THE TRUE SELF. a not so uncommon example of the Shadow Archetype / Persona a la Jungian psychology. Tohru does quite well and accepts it quite easily.

maid dragon 13bmaid dragon 13c

a glance at passing symbolism.