comic girls – 10-12 (END)

kaos is so…

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wotakoi – 9-11

i am sad this show ended. i felt so comforted and at home with characters so freely passionate about their otaku-ness

wotakoi 11awotakoi 11bwotakoi 11cwotakoi 11dwotakoi 11e

i should schedule my next vacation to play … which game hmm.

comic girls 08

yikes it is already 2/3 through the spring season?

i really have to give kudos to kaos’ seiyuu, Hikaru Akao. Absolutely perfection. It looks like she’s new… she doesn’t have a (US) wiki page. i hope she gets more roles.

comic girls 08athis scene was done so wellcomic girls 08b

in fact all of her lines are.comic girls 08c

and she does a really job of portraying the essence of the character.

yuru camp

i really enjoyed this show. quaint slice of life with a theme done well

i liked a lot of things about it. the ED is a huge part.

but Shima Rin.

i need her … or someone like her in my life.

i usually don’t think inner dialogue is done in good taste, but it was a core character quality for Shima Rin. (her seiyuu 東山 奈央 Tōyama Nao has a pretty impressive CV)

there are so many awesome scenes with her it’s hard to choose.

another great part of it is that it’s about winter-camping and they aired it in the winter season (2018).

yuru camp 01byuru camp 01cyuru camp 02ayuru camp 02byuru camp 02cyuru camp 02dyuru camp 02eyuru camp 02fyuru camp 02gyuru camp 02hyuru camp 03ayuru camp 03byuru camp 03cyuru camp 03dyuru camp 03d2yuru camp 03eyuru camp 04a2yuru camp 04byuru camp 04c2yuru camp 04c4yuru camp 04dyuru camp 05ayuru camp 05byuru camp 05cyuru camp 05dyuru camp 05eyuru camp 05fyuru camp 05gyuru camp 05hyuru camp 06ayuru camp 06byuru camp 06cyuru camp 06dyuru camp 06eyuru camp 06fyuru camp 06gyuru camp 07ayuru camp 07a2yuru camp 07byuru camp 07b2yuru camp 07b3yuru camp 07cyuru camp 07dyuru camp 09ayuru camp 09byuru camp 09b2yuru camp 09cyuru camp 09dyuru camp 09fyuru camp 09f2yuru camp 09f3yuru camp 09gyuru camp 09g2yuru camp 09hyuru camp 09h2yuru camp 09iyuru camp 09kyuru camp 09lyuru camp 09m


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