welcome to the ballroom – 24 – END


what a rollercoaster.

the bittersweetness – i’m sad that this is the end.

i would give it a rank B – I wouldn’t watch it again my own, but wouldn’t mind watching it with someone.

ballroom 24aballroom 24bballroom 24b2ballroom 24cballroom 24d


welcome to the ballroom – 21


agh. it’s been a while since there’s been a show where i really CANNOT wait until the next episode. there are spurts of this show to marathon… but i really want to know what happens next.

the OP and the ED are just masterful. they tell the two’s tale and relationship so beautifully. the ED’s full impact is now unleashed after this episode (or maybe the next one)

ballroom 21cballroom 21dballroom 21e

welcome to the ballroom – 19


ugh a (mostly) flashback episode. i know it will probably make it worth it in the end…

but still.

i wanted more action.

this OP though. is a masterpiece. watching it as the story advances reveals its true essence. it totally expresses the transition of their relationship.

ballroom 19aballroom 19bballroom 19cballroom 19c2


ballroom 19d

action move + action focus lines + action faces + an action line = maximum shounen-ity